Outright bets are tricky at best. With a normal bet the punter can use the knowledge he possesses of the previous form of a given player or team to make a more or less accurate prediction about the final outcome of a bet.

However, with outright bets it is different. This is because when a punter is wagering on the outright or futures markets he has to make his prediction before any matches or events have been played and before a ball has been kicked.

This means that it is very difficult to make an educated guess on the final outcome of a bet. If you are not familiar with these types of bets you can click here and get more information and see various examples of the futures and all the other markets available out there.

Check Previous Tournaments

Betting on Ronaldo to score a goal is usually a secure bet. Image from wikimedia.org

Betting on Ronaldo to score a goal is usually a secure bet. Image from wikimedia.org

Whenever you are placing a bet on the outright winners market the only indicator of how successful your bet can be is the past history that a player or a team has had at a specific tournament or competition.

For example, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have continuously been the winners of the Top Goalscorer award in La Liga, which means that they are a much better bet than any of the other remaining strikers in Spain’s top flight.

The same goes for teams. In the English Premier League, there has only been one surprise winner of the EPL title since the competition was first established, and that was Leicester’s triumph a couple of years ago. All other seasons, the winner of the EPL was one of the favourites which had already won it in the past.


Another thing to bear in mind when choosing a bet from the outright winners market is to check how motivated a player or a team would be to win the tournament. This has often proven to be crucial when determining the winner before a competition has started.

For example, when Chelsea lost the title to Leicester in 2015 and finished the season in the bottom half of the EPL table, they had a point to prove to everyone in the season that followed.

This meant that even though Manchester United and Manchester City were the favourites for the title in the next season, the Blues under Antonio Conte still managed to triumph with virtually the same team which finished in 10th position the year before.

Look at the Competition

Most of the time there is only one winning bet in the outright winners market. Usually, this is the player or team which is the best when compared to the others. The competition however, is usually of a similar quality to the eventual winner of the competition.

However, once in a while, a player or team will find themselves in a situation when they play against far inferior opposition and this is a chance which the astute punter should jump on. This usually happens with high profile tennis players who appear at smaller tournaments to meet specific requirements.


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